Leica Geovid 8 x 56 HD-R 2700

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The new Geovid HD-R 2700 models, like the Geovid HD-B family, combine ergonomic design and razor-sharp, high-contrast images, along with reliable rangefinding technology.

Easy, intuitive operation is guaranteed: equivalent horizontal range (EHR) output requires no pre-programming. In steep terrain, EHR gives you greater safety and flexibility. Leica’s own algorithm takes into account not only the linear distance and angle but also a realistic ballistic trajectory, making it much more accurate than the cosine function known as the Rifleman’s Rule. The result is a highly precise calculation of the EHR at a ballistic function range of 1,200 yds/1,100 m.

At angle shots within a range of 10 to 1,100 metres the ballistic function (EHR) calculates the relevant shooting distance from the hunter to the targeted animal. Along with linear distance and angle, the algorithm developed by Leica always takes into account a realistic ballistic curve. It also includes barometric pressure and temperature – for fast, precise and easy calculation of the right point of aim in the mountains.

Key features:

  • Open Ergonomic Bridge for a natural hold and intuitive operation
  • Integrated laser rangefinder with a range of 2,200 yds/2,000 m
  • Output of linear and equivalent horizontaldistance (EHR) of 2,700 yds/2,500 m; displayed at the push of a button
  • Air pressure and temperature sensors for increased precision