Leica Angle Viewfinder M

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Leica Angle Viewfinder M

Especially when shooting close to the ground with the Lecia Macro-Elmar-M 90 mm f/4, the Leica Anglefinder M provides for relaxed picture taking with no neck strain, and is generally useful in situations where you do not wish to, or are unable to hold the camera directly in front of your eyes. The Leica Anglefinder M is screwed onto the ocular of the Leica M by means of a thumbscrew, can be turned freely, and allows the subject to be viewed at a 45-degree angle. The roughly 8.7 mm diameter central circle of the viewfinder displayed by the Leica Anglefinder M also includes the light balance and exposure indicators in the viewfinder of.

Leica Angle Viewfinder M

Leica Camera AG (‘LEICA’) provides a two-year product warranty for this LEICA product valid from the date of purchase from an authorized LEICA dealer.