Critical Decisions: Perspectives on the Creative Process - Boston

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Leica Akademie tours across the USA this spring with Todd Hido from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and New York City. Photographers looking to push their personal work further and review long standing projects are encouraged to enroll.
Boston, In-Person
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Join Todd Hido in a weekend workshop designed to inspire, challenge, and help you answer questions often faced by artists.

The course will cover the experiences, strategies, and influences that have formed and shaped Hido’s own career in photography. Through a candid presentation, Hido will present his own images, as well as the work of others that have been a source of inspiration and influence on him. Hido will describe in detail the process he has used for creating his projects, exhibitions, and books.

Hido will review and critique individual portfolios in a group discussion to bring a greater understanding to personal vision and the editing process. Each student will receive personalized feedback and suggestions for improvement.

The workshop’s main objective is to provide students with a framework for intuitive self-discovery and the merging of one’s own creative practice in everyday life.


  • Where do our images come from?
  • Photographing what is important to you.
  • Taking, Printing, Presenting work
  • How to push through obstacles
  • The role of memory in photography
  • How to build a photo series
  • The importance of “Living with Images.”
  • How do you know when a project is finished?


The journey in art is often a solitary one. This workshop provides access to a world-renowned photographer and experienced educator who has a gift for help others push their work further. through in-depth portfolio review, advanced discussion on the principles of art participants will gain a greater understanding of the process of building one’s own personal vision.

Avid Photographers, Professional artists and documentarians will all benefit from this program. Photographers working on on-going projects or artist with a desire for critical constructive feedback are especially encouraged to enroll.


Students are asked to submit a portfolio of 20 Images to for review during the course.

                Image Size: 5mb or less

                Send Via: Zip File, Dropbox, or GoogleDrive

                Due: 1 month Prior to course

Participants: 10 students
Duration: 2 days each approximately 6 hours
Requirements: Students will be asked to bring a printed portfolio or collection of small prints for review.


Los Angeles – April 12-13, 2024

Leica Store LA
8783 Beverly Blvd. West Hollywood, CA

San Francisco – April 19-20, 2024

Leica Store SF
463 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Boston – April 26-27, 2024

Leica Store Boston
74 Arlington Street, Boston MA 02116

New York City - September 6-7, 2024
Leica Store New York
406 W. 13th St. New York, NY 10014


“Todd was extremely generous sharing his experiences as a photographer and his vast knowledge of the history of photography. He also gave each student excellent feedback. This was a terrific experience!”

“Hearing Todd explain his sources and influences really got me to think about discovering my own.”

"Nocturnal illumination, weather phenomena, and differing temperatures of electric light lend an eerie quality to Todd Hido’s unique landscape photographs."


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