Leica E39 Green Color Filter

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Green filters, transmit wavelength between 490 nm and 580 nm. They are used to increase contrast of a monochrome image, by isolating that spectral region and so lighting green parts of the image.

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    Leica E39 Green Color Filter

    Posted by Eric Ahrendt on Nov 1st 2019

    I bought this to use on my Monochrom Typ 246. I have all the color filters Leica makes—yellow, orange and (now) green—and a red one. Most articles on filters say the green filter is the least used, but does have a place for lightening slightly the green tones in an image. So it's used most of the time in a scene with foliage. I use it for that, and it does lighten the tones some, but not a lot. (I'd attach a with/without comparison if I could here.) I do a fair amount of post processing to get the tonal relationships I want. One use where this filter shines is taking a photo of a red rose surrounded by green leaves. In that instance, it darkens the rose and lightens the leaves, resulting in a much more pleasing photo.