Leica Flash SF 60

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Leica Flash SF 60

Compact, powerful and a great team player.
The SF 60 expands Leica’s existing portfolio of flashes, which includes the SF 40 and is the first wirelessly triggering hot shoe flash from Leica. Wireless off-camera triggering allows a combination of the SF C1 and multiple SF 60 flashes to work seamlessly on-the-go for the ultimate freedom in portable studio quality lighting.

The SF 60 and SF C1 can be used with the Leica SL, M10, S (007), Q, CL, M (Typ 240), M9, M8 and S (006), provided that the camera has the most recent firmware update. The SF C1 is only compatible with the SF 60 flash unit. Additionally, multiple SF 60 flashes can connect to each other for wireless triggering, and they can fire other Leica flashes (SF 40, SF 64, SF 58) via optically triggered remote mode. This flexibility of the SF 60 and SF C1 make them a fully featured solution for lightweight high-quality lighting.
Flash Exposure Compensation Continuos Pictures Comment
M10 FW
M (Typ 240) FW
M8, M9  
X (Typ 113)  
T (Typ 701)  
Q FW 3.0
CL FW 2.0
SL Camera FW 3.2
S (Typ 006) Camera FW needed No AF-light at flash supported
S (Typ 007) Camera FW

Leica flash SF 60

Leica Camera AG (‘LEICA’) provides a two-year product warranty for this LEICA product valid from the date of purchase from an authorized LEICA dealer.