Leica Leather Huawei P9 Case

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Suitable for Huawei P9 This high quality leather slipcase for Huawei P9 smartphone model protects your valuable device against scuffs and scratches. The front of the elegant slipcase also includes three compartments for banknotes, credit cards or business cards. A practical recess on the back of the slipcase makes it easy to slide out the smartphone for use. This feature also allows the smartphone to be recharged without removing it from the slipcase. Dimensions: 15.7 x 8.7 x 0.5 cm (for Huawei P9).

Owner Benefits

Leica Camera AG (‘LEICA’) provides a two-year product warranty for your LEICA product, including the accessories contained in the original packaging, valid from the date of purchase from an authorized LEICA dealer.

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