Leica Magnus 1-6.3X24 I, L-3D

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Leica Magnus 1-6.3X24 I, L-3D

See more when it matters: the amazing field of view of the Magnus 1-6.3 x 24 i with maximum visibility and an extremely large overview ensures significantly more safety and success when hunting. Due to the large exit pupil and the fine, brilliant luminous point, it guarantees extremely fast and accurate target acquisition, especially with moving game. The riflescope has a generous zoom range from 1 to 6.3 times as well as an intelligent on-off automatic. These properties, in conjunction with the extremely compact design, make the Magnus 1-6.3 x 24 i an extremely reliable and flexible companion.  

The essentials:

  • Very large 44 m field of view at 100 m for a better view and a better overview
  • large exit pupil for more comfort when holding the gun
  • robust and precise mechanics
  • comfortable and intuitive light point operation
  • reduced reticle especially for driven hunts
  • 6.3x zoom for maximum flexibility on driven hunts
  • excellent transmission and extraordinary contrast for reliable response
  • Automatic switch-off and switch-on for maximum battery life
  • excellent in terms of ergonomics and usability - even with gloves on
  • Automatic switch-off for maximum battery life