Leica Magnus 2.4-16 x 56i, 4A reticle

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Leica Magnus 2.4-16 x 56i, 4A reticle

The ultimate whitetail scope: mastery of low light meets dominance of the beanfield. In contrast to other riflescopes, the particularly low vignetting of the Magnus 2.4–16x56 i ensures extra brightness at low magnification factors. Its 56mm objective lens, a highly effective entrance pupil at mid-range magnification, and the highest, outstanding transmission value of around 92% ensure optimum performance up to the last minutes of shooting light. With a maximum magnification of 16x, it is also perfect for long-range beanfield shots. In combination with the outstanding Leica baffle system, its high transmission properties guarantee more light under all conditions, particularly when using low magnification factors.