The Natural Light Portrait with Tutes Tutiven - November 4, 2023

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Join the Leica Akademie and portrait and lifestyle photographer Jose “Tutes” Tutiven on a photographic exploration of natural light portraiture.
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Whether it is the warm glow of late afternoon light bathing a subject in the “golden hour” of light to the high contrast of midday sun, creating images utilizing natural light can evoke a range of emotions.  Learning how to harness natural light to create creative, warm, and contemporary portraits is the focus of this workshop.

Tutes will share his creative process and demonstrate how he works one-on-one with a model for a personal project vs. working with an entire team for a commercial campaign.  Along the way, Tutes will highlight how the use of natural light can help the participants develop and create their own signature style.   


  • Seeing and working with light
  • Creating a natural light set
  • Establishing trust with subjects.
  • Lens selection
  • Posing
  • Working one-on-one with a model vs. a team
  • Ways to find talent and collaborators
  • Developing a signature look

AGENDA - 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

The day will begin with a presentation with Tutes sharing his story and creative approach. Following the presentation, students will have the opportunity to work with two professional models in one-on-one rotations.

In the afternoon, the focus will shift to the advantages, challenges and expectations that come when working with a team of creatives - stylist, make-up artist, and model. Throughout the program, Tutes will be on-hand to guide you with tips, advice, and examples from his own experience.   


Anyone looking to learn how to better collaborate with a model, while working one-on-one or with a bigger team will benefit from this program. This workshop is ideal for photographers who desire input on the practice of nature light portraiture for personal and/or commercial projects. This is a perfect opportunity for those wanting to build or add to their portfolios, while gaining confidence in working with natural light and models.


Owning a Leica is not required. All cameras’ brands are welcome.  A limited selection of Leica gear will be available for attendees to use. Students do not need any prior lighting experience, however having a basic understanding of photography, camera settings, and being familiar with your camera is required.

Registration for this event closes 24-hours before each class begins to solidify attendance. Please feel free to email any questions or concerns to


Enrollment is limited to 8 participants. Snacks provided by Leica Akademie

Jose "Tutes" Tutiven

Born in Ecuador and raised in NYC, Jose “Tutes” Tutiven is a Bronx based portrait and lifestyle photographer, videographer, and producer, known for his ability to create intimate, warm, images with sense of familiarity and authenticity.

An enthusiastic and energetic creative force, he has built a thriving career in photography and videography, lead by his passion to provide value to every assignment / campaign and a desire to collaborate with people, brands, and non-profits for greater causes.

His clints include Lincoln Motors, Google, Lyft, Oprah Winfrey, Hiut Denim Co, Gant, Heineken, Nike, Movado, Coach, and many others.


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