Leica SL2 Owners Workshop (Part 2), Online

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An online workshop for current owners of the Leica SL Systems. Owners shoot with their own cameras and learn practical skills to enhance their SL experience with a professional Leica Akademie instructor.
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Join Leica Product Specialists Ray Olson and  John Kreidler as they guide you through the process of using your SL2 at an intermediate/advanced level.  This is Part 2 of a Series featuring the SL2 system.  This intermediate/advanced-paced course will take owners into a deeper discussion of the SL2 and using it in various shooting environments.

This workshop will take users deeper into their SL2, getting the most out of the system to their needs.   This workshop is designed for professionals or power users who have not quite fully adapted to fully using their Leica SL2.  Students will be introduced to the Leica SF-60 & SF-C1 flash system as well as using single and multiple wireless flash units.  The workshop will also be taking a tour into the use of Capture One 21 and it’s tethering capabilities with the SL2.

Topics Covered

  • Deep diving into customizing user profiles & function buttons
  • Tethering the SL2 into Capture One 21 & basic intro into Capture One interface.
  • Tethering the SL2 into Adobe Lightroom
  • Focusing using M/R lenses & advanced focusing features (tracking)
  • Demonstration & lecture using the camera in different photographic situations
  • Introduction to using the SF 60 & SF C1 Commander & Remote Flash System
  • Adapting to the Leica SL2 from another system

Who should take this workshop?
Current SL2 Owners intermediate to advanced levels and anyone interested in learning the SL2  with components beyond the camera system, will benefit from this program.  This class will benefit both professionals and Leica SL enthusiasts who have acquired an SL2, and in transition trying to “cross over” from their previous or current camera system.  

New owners of the SF-60 & SF-C1 system will also benefit from the workshop as John and Ray will share ways to modify and optimize the lights for various uses and setups.

Requirements/pre-requisites:  This is an intermediate/advanced paced course.  Students must have a solid understanding of photographic terminology & dialogue, fundamentals & the ability to demonstrate navigating through the SL2 system confidently on their own.  We recommend attending the SL2 Owners (Part 1) course if you are new to the SL and professional camera systems in general. 

Students must have ZOOM installed and running properly on their computer before the class day.  Installation & operation videos are available online through the zoom website. 

Having an SF-60 & SF-C1 is not required, but it may help if you have questions regarding your flash unit.


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Ray Olson is the West Coast Product Specialist for Leica Camera.  Ray has an extensive background in photographing music performances and as a studio and studio on-location portrait photographer.  His camera work in the past, utilized 35mm, medium, and large format systems. These images have graced the covers of music magazines, album art, tour books, and musical instrument advertising campaigns.  In addition, he has taught seminars and classes on Studio Lighting, Lighting on Location, Color Management, and Camera Technique for both film and digital capture platforms.  Ray also has a strong history in both the retail and wholesale sides of the Photographic Industry.

Leica Instructor Ray Olson


John Kreidler is our East Coast Product Specialist and co-host of Leica’s streaming Tech Talk program on YouTube. John brings more than 25 years’ experience providing imaging and production insight to professional photographers and enthusiasts alike.

Equal parts, photographer, educator, and trainer, John can frequently be found, giving those interested in Leica products an opportunity to experience them in a real-life situation, during Pro Discovery Days, Leica Store events and Akademie workshops, throughout the country.

An accomplished photographer, his on-going obsession with capturing light and shadow started from an early age. He strives to move beyond the beautiful snapshot and create an image that evokes emotion in the viewer’s mind. Most recently, John’s work was selected to appear in the new book, “Inspiration Leica Akademie.”

Leica Instructor John Kreidler

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