Automotive Photography Workshop By Adam Lerner

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August 17, 2024 - Learn how to slow your process while photographing fast cars. A camera and car lover's true dream, this single day course sets out to help students photograph their automotive passion.
New York City, In-Person
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Car culture is more popular than ever and naturally cars and cameras go hand in hand. Join Leica Professional Photographer Adam Lerner and Product Specialist John Kreidler for this shooting intensive workshop as we explore the ins and outs of automotive photography. 

Adam will share his concepts and techniques for creating his style of artistic editorial lifestyle photography using a mix of Leica cameras and lenses in this hands-on learning experience.


Whether you’re a car enthusiast or someone who likes story telling with automobiles and people, this automotive lifestyle workshop will give you an inside look into what it takes to create exceptional images featuring cars and people.


  • Lighting and time of day
  • Lens choice for the creative process.
  • Maximizing the use of Leica lenses and cameras
  • Working with natural light on location
  • Using environmental elements and backgrounds to enhance your imagery.
  • Understanding the collaboration between photographer, automobile, and model
  • Location scouting
  • Styling and shoot prep.
  • Shot list development.


9:30am - meet at teaching spot introductions and coffee.
10:00am - talk about automotive photography with Leica Cameras
11:00am - go outside and shoot
12:30pm - Lunch
1:30pm - Out for more shooting with model(s) and car
4:30pm - Back to store to review

A major focus for the workshops is hands-on learning; I feel the best way to understand photography is to LEARN BY DOING so that you see what goes into capturing a great image.

We will also discuss slowing down and reading your environment with the exciting backdrop of NYC.  Being able to see countless photo opportunities waiting to happen when you open your eyes and explore the possibilities.  We will use several techniques to make creative and interesting photos by thinking outside the box using both our environment and our amazing Leica photographic tools to create images.

You and your questions will help make this workshop experience even better. We will encourage your questions throughout the day and will not conclude the event until we’ve helped you arrive at an answer.  This is an intimate learning environment with as much personal attention as possible.

After morning introductions and a brief lecture, the class will break into small groups to work on photographing vehicles on location. After lunch, we will add some models with the vehicles to enhance the narrative of our photo stories.

Later that afternoon, we will review everyone’s work to see their progression and inspiration!


Participants are expected to have good understanding of their cameras as well as an understanding of basic image editing. Owning a Leica is not required. We will have a selection of Leica Cameras available for you to try throughout the weekend.

Enrollment is strictly limited to 8 participants. If the program is sold out, please contact us to be added to the waitlist. Registration for this event closes 24-hours before each class begins to solidify attendance. Please feel free to email any questions or concerns to


Dates: August 17, 2024
Participants: 8 Students
Expereince Level: Introductory

Leica Store and Gallery Meatpacking District

NYC. 406 W. 13th St. New York, 10014.


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Adam Lerner is and artist and advertising photographer who works with brands, advertising agencies, and creative teams to develop visual content. Adam specializes in a variety of photographic styles, including lifestyle photography, automotive photography, and editorial photography. Adam’s ability to understand a brand's vision and translate it into stunning visual content has made him a go-to photographer for many businesses. 

After fulfilling his boyhood dream of playing at NYC’s infamous CBGB’s, he toured the country with his band while taking pictures with his dad’s old Pentax film camera and his passion for creating music quickly translated into his photography.


John Kreidler is our East Coast Product Specialist and co-host of Leica’s streaming Tech Talk program on YouTube. John brings more than 25 years’ experience providing imaging and production insight to professional photographers and enthusiasts alike.

Equal parts, photographer, educator, and trainer, John can frequently be found, giving those interested in Leica products an opportunity to experience them in a real-life situation, during Pro Discovery Days, Leica Store events and Akademie workshops, throughout the country.

An accomplished photographer, his on-going obsession with capturing light and shadow started from an early age. He strives to move beyond the beautiful snapshot and create an image that evokes emotion in the viewer’s mind. Most recently, John’s work was selected to appear in the new book, “Inspiration Leica Akademie.”

Image courtsey of Andrew VanWickler 

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