Leica Store New York Meatpacking

Leica Store New York - Leica Store NY

Leica Store and Gallery Meatpacking District NYC

406 W. 13th St
New York, 10014


Phone: 332-222-1690


Store Hours:

Monday - Saturday, 10am to 6pm

Sunday, 11am to 6pm

Nestled within the dynamic Meatpacking District, the Leica Gallery New York is a beacon for photography enthusiasts, art lovers, and tech innovators. The Leica Gallery New York stands as a celebration of creativity, art, and cultural exchange in one of the world's most vibrant cities. 


The Leica Gallery New York is a showcase of our iconic product range; it's an immersive cultural space dedicated to the art of visual storytelling. Here, we spotlight the compelling work of local and globally acclaimed photographers, host enriching workshops under our Akademie program, and foster a community of passionate individuals united by a shared love for photography and innovation. 

In the heart of a district known for its creative energy and innovative spirit, the Leica Gallery New York aims to inspire, to provoke thought, and to cultivate a passion for the world as seen through the lens of the witness. 

Upcoming Events at Leica Store New York