Leica Store Bellevue

Leica Store Bellevue

Bellevue Square Mall
221 Bellevue Square
Bellevue, Washington 98004

Phone: 425-451-4060
E-Mail: info@leicastorebellevue.com

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 9.30 am - 9.30 pm
Sunday 11.00 am - 7.00 pm

Leica Store Bellevue is located a short thirty-minute drive from downtown Seattle in the heart of beautiful downtown Bellevue. Situated near the magnificent Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges, Puget Sound, and British Columbia, Leica Store Bellevue proudly bears the title of the Pacific Northwest's premier photographic retailer. Our attractive and welcoming retail space offers the full range of Leica cameras, lenses, sport optics, and accessories – including the timeless Leica M-System, the amazing SL- and S-Systems, and the remarkable Q2, along with the CL and TL2 and, of course, the powerful and affordable Compact Cameras. We also offer a wide-ranging and inspiring collection of unique products, ranging from camera bags by ONA, Oberwerth, and Peak Design to, straps, cases and more – all designed to help you personalize your individual style. Our walls feature a frequently updated selection of curated Leica photographic works; at the same time, we offer an interesting and enjoyable series of Leica Akademie workshops, along with classes, events, and gatherings tailored to educate and inspire you wherever you are on your photographic journey. Leica Store Bellevue is the place for photographers of all experience levels and interests to gather, enjoy coffee and conversation, inspire one another, and participate in this region's richly vibrant photographic community. We look forward to visiting with you when you stop by to meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff, share your stories and photographs, be inspired, and most of all, enjoy the unsurpassed experience of the awesome Leica!


Andrew Stuart Exhibition: "Downstage" - Bellevue, WA

Leica Store Bellevue is fired up to exhibit Andrew Stuart’s “Downstage” exhibition beginning on October 27, until December 7, 2019.

A photo isn’t just an image. It’s a piece of time captured for all of eternity. As an immortalized moment, there should be emotion, there should be action, and there should be a narrative at the center of every single picture—reflecting life and all of its motions and nuances. Every one of Andrew Stuart’s photos relays a story. Whether it’s a shot of Dave Grohl in the recording studio pondering his next musical choice for Foo Fighters, a snap of Kat Von D pensively drawing or writing lyrics, or a candid image of Mick Fleetwood’s beaming grin, his photographs come to life due to his ability to capture artists and musicians at their most vulnerable and vibrant having spent his entire career around some of the biggest and best names in the business.

Yan Wang "To Curiosity" Exhibition & Opening Reception - Bellevue, WA
Opening DECEMBER 8
Closing JANUARY 11

Please join us at Leica Store Bellevue on Sunday, December 8 at 1:00pm for a captivating and inspirational talk by Yan Wang at his exhibition opening reception. “I am a scientist, engineer, and pilot. I hold curiosity of our world and I am always interested in the secrets of Mother Nature hidden from our naked eyes. In order to explore them I have to push the limit of the tools at hand. It is a tough journey, but also filled with surprises that are revealed through persistence and creativity. In this talk and exhibition I will introduce how my curiosity pushed me to go beyond the boundary of humans’ capabilities using common and uncommon photographic equipment to take photos of darker and distant objects (astrophotography), smaller objects (macrophotography), rare scenes (landscapes), and from uncommon perspectives (e.g. aviation photography) that are different that what we are used to experiencing.” Yan Wang.

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