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LOBA Winner Ismail Ferdous, hosts at Leica's Newest store located in the historic Meat Packing District of New York City for this weekend master class of his iconic style of photography. Join to us to gain first hand experience in creating breath taking photographs.
New York City, In-Person
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This two-day immersive workshop, led by an acclaimed National Geographic photographer and a distinguished LOBA award recipient, centers on mastering and comprehending light usage in photography. The workshop uniquely blends technical skills and artistic insights into lighting. Ismail, the instructor, will mentor a group of 10 participants, exploring both the practical and storytelling aspects of lighting.

The workshop is designed around hands-on shooting sessions in various locales, aimed at experimenting with diverse lighting techniques and mastering the use of different light sources such as natural light, flash, and continuous light in outdoor settings. Each participant will get the chance to engage in group discussions, sharing and discussing their work.


  • Properly setting your camera up for success
  • Photographing on the street with strangers
  • Developing skills to create your best image

AGENDA: August 24-25, 2024, 2024



Discussing photography techniques - Focus on utilizing various light sources- natural light, artificial light, and strobes 


Photographing and Exploring local area in Manhattan - Diverse Lighting Applications



Photographing and Exploring local area in Manhattan - Diverse Lighting Applications

Reinforcement of lighting techniques learned on Day 1.

Emphasis on refining skills and creative application.


Final group review 


This workshop is open to beginning photographers and those looking to learn new specialized skills with street photography. Participants who love to photograph in vibrant cities will walk away with new tools and techniques to enhance their photography.


This workshop is open to all experience levels but a healthy dose of camera understanding is always recommended prior to joining. This workshop takes place in the heart of New York city and will have elements outside, proper attire and close toe shoes are recommended. Owning a Leica camera is not a requirement to take this course. 


Dates: August 24-25, 2024, 2024
Participants: 10 Students
Expereince Level: Introductory

Leica Store and Gallery Meatpacking District

NYC. 406 W. 13th St. New York, 10014.


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Ismail Ferdous, born in 1989, is a Bangladeshi photographer based in New York City. He is a member of Agence VU' in Paris and serves as a faculty member at the International Center of Photography in New York. Raised in Dhaka, Ismail cultivated his passion for photography self-taught while attending business school. He is deeply interested in human interest stories that resonate with the nuances of the contemporary world.


Over the past decade, some of his most influential works include a multidisciplinary project that addresses the devastating effects of the "fast fashion" industry on Bangladeshi workers through his documentary photos and films. His extensive work on migrations and refugees, spanning four continents, weaves narratives from Syria, Ukraine, Mexico, France, and Bangladesh. His projects also focused on the topic of race and diversity through the stories of South Asians in the United States and a portrait essay on immigrants in the U.S. meat industry. Presently, Ismail delves into the cultural confluence of life as an immigrant in the U.S., juxtaposed against his Bengali roots, which is reflected in his ongoing "Sea Beach" photography series which began in 2020.


Ferdous has participated in over 30 exhibitions at esteemed galleries, festivals, and museums, including Les Rencontres d’Arles, World Press Photo, The San Diego Museum of Art, and Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts. He has worked with publications such as The New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Geo Magazine, and M Le magazine du Monde, among others. A frequent contributor to National Geographic Magazine, Ismail's photographic prowess has earned him accolades such as the World Press Photo Award, Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2023, Picture of the Year International, Alexa Foundation Grant, Getty Images Instagram Grant, National Geographic Grant, and several other prestigious honors in the realm of photography.

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