Leica partners with Wembley to Soweto Foundation to benefit LA youth

Leica partners with Wembley to Soweto Foundation to benefit LA youth

Aug 29th 2022

Leica Camera has partnered with the Wembley to Soweto Foundation to support young creative voices through a dynamic photographic experience for teens from communities with underfunded art programs. Through a donation of camera equipment and opportunity to exhibit works created by the students in its flagship store, Leica Camera’s partnership with the Foundation aims to enable young people to express themselves and share their own stories through the art of photography—regardless of means or socio-economic status.

Throughout August, a cohort of 8 students from South Central and East LA will receive intensive photographic instruction and a range of assignments enabling them to capture images and depict stories from the LA landscape. Under the tutelage of internationally renowned photographer, Jillian Edelstein, students will learn photography techniques in an array of locations from the Getty Centre to LA Galaxy Stadium, to the electric atmosphere of a downtown boxing gym. The students will build a portfolio of work that will then be shown in an exhibition at the Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles on August 31st. Additionally, Leica is donating ten cameras and lenses directly to the Wembley to Soweto Foundation to continue their mission of creating more educational opportunities for the future generation of photographers.

“With our collaboration with Leica Camera, we’re offering an unparalleled opportunity for our students,” said David Westhead, founder of the Foundation. “To empower our students for success in their photographic journey, Leica Camera has donated equipment to the foundation to create a unique program which builds on the foundational skillset every photographer should have: giving students the necessary tools to express their visual voice, to learn how to monetize their work and help them find their unique space in photography.”

David continued, “Together with Leica, we are able to give back to a younger and diverse generation that would typically not have the resources to explore their passion for photography. That’s why I’m thankful for this collaboration and excited to be working with Leica as we nurture the future of photography.”

“Leica is dedicated to nurturing the future generation of photographers and our partnership with the Wembley to Soweto Foundation is a representation of the type of work we’re invested in,” says Mike Giannattasio, President of Leica Camera, North America. “Together, we can provide the necessary tools, resources, and experiences to forward young photographers in their careers. This makes all the difference in the work we do because we’re able to share our passion through education and professional development.”

In addition to working with internationally-renowned photographers during the course of their journey, the students will have the opportunity to collaborate with Academy Award-winning actor and Leica enthusiast, Christoph Waltz. As an avid supporter of the Wembley to Soweto foundation, Christoph will meet with each student to discuss the vision for their projects and give them advice on their future aspirations and professional goals.

“Talent is just an indispensable precondition,” said Christoph. “The outcome depends on the commitment. Leica Camera commits to the future of these talents. The best of today for the best of tomorrow. “

Wembley to Soweto Foundation

The Wembley to Soweto Foundation is a global program of courses that provides professional photographic training and life-skills to historically disadvantaged young people in order for them to move their own lives forward and, ultimately, make a positive contribution to the society in which they live. The Foundation forms collaborative partnerships with respected artistic, sporting, and public institutions to allow for a broad range of vocational experiences for the students as well as educational benefits for the wider community. The Foundation aims to create a global network of training opportunities for young people in order to nurture their self-belief, ambition and confidence through a passion for photography—regardless of their means and background.

Leica Camera – A Partner for Photography

Leica Camera AG is an international, premium manufacturer of cameras and sports optics. The legendary reputation of the Leica brand is based on a long tradition of excellent quality, German craftsmanship and German industrial design, combined with innovative technologies. An integral part of the brand's culture is the diversity of activities the company undertakes for the advancement of photography. In addition to the Leica Galleries and Leica Akademies spread around the world, there are the Leica Hall of Fame Award and, in particular, the Leica Oskar Barnack Award (LOBA), which is considered one of the most innovative sponsorship awards existing today. Furthermore, Leica Camera AG, with its headquarters in Wetzlar, Hesse, and a second production site in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, has a worldwide network of its own national organizations and Leica Retail Stores.

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