Custom Cut Turret Offer

Custom Cut Turret Offer

From June 1 thru Sep. 30

Buy any Amplus 6 BDC scope and receive a free custom cut turret from either Kenton Industries or Ballistix (see links below). Simply provide proof of purchase on either partners website, with the correct criteria listed below and you will receive a free custom cut turret for your Leica Amplus 6!

  • Limited one per scope purchase
  • Can only be redeemed at Kenton Ind. or Ballistix Custom turrets
  • Can only be redeemed between 6/1/23 and 9/30/23
  • Can only be redeemed with a valid receipt for a NEW Amplus 6 BDC turret scope purchase dated between 6/1/23 and 9/30/23
  • Purchase must be made from a Leica Authorized Dealer



Every Amplus BDC model scope comes with a standard MOA or MIL dial right out of the box. We are excited to now offer the option of a custom engraved turret based on environmental data you input. To get yours, enter your ballistic information that can usually be found on your ammo box or the manufacturer’s website and some of the environmental conditions where you’ll be shooting the most, and one of our premium partners will laser-etch a new elevation dial to replace the factory installed one.

Once you receive the new dial in the mail, swap out the standard MOA or MIL dial, and you’re good to go when shooting in those environmental conditions.




Ballistix Custom Turrets are designed to make you the best shooter you can be. They can help eliminate the need for holdover reticles, in-the-field ballistic data charts, or MOA / MILRAD calculations. Ballistix turrets replace the stock indicators on your Leica Amplus turret with precise, tailored to you, yardage markers. Once you have a Ballistix turret, all you have to do is dial your turret to the correct yardage, aim, and shoot.

The Ballistix Calculator uses your exact load, muzzle velocity, and real-world environmental conditions such as, temperature, humidity, altitude, barometric pressure, and more to create an accurate bullet compensation data. That data is then translated to yardage markers that are laser engraved onto a custom turret.  the laser engraved turret is meant to completely replace the original one. Ballistix turrets currently offer single and double rotation for most scopes, however maximum yardage will vary depending on the data entered.



Kenton Industries Custom Turrets are laser engraved Bullet Drop Compensators. They typically replace your riflescope's factory elevation turret for quick and easy to use adjustment based on a preset set of environmental factors. Each turret is laser etched in 50-yard increments. The maximum distance is determined by what caliber, load you are shooting and what elevation and temperature you are shooting at. We offer our turrets in 3 different yardage formats that each provide you with an unique shooters experience. Choosing your yardage format can be determined by your hunt, range, and background. Please visit our FAQ page for more details on our yardage formats.