Leica Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM

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Leica Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM

Leica’s new ballistic powerhouse – the compact Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM – is more precise and reliable than ever before, with new Bluetooth® functionality.

Ballistic rangefinding has never been easier: Create your individual ballistics profile quickly and conveniently using the Leica Hunting app. With the Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM, precision longrange shooters and hunters in all environments receive precise, reliable rangefinding up to 3,500 yards – in fractions of a second, at the touch of a button on any type of target. This makes the Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM an essential partner for all precision long-range shooters and hunters.

The Class 3R laser enables reliable, repeatable measurements up to an unmatched distance of 3,500 yards – even in difficult weather conditions on all types of targets. By connecting to the “Kestrel Elite” weather meter, you can utilize advanced “Applied Ballistics” technology for even more precise results. Connecting to the Apple Watch additionally enables silent, error-free data transmission between spotter and shooter. This unrivalled combination of industry leading optical quality, the latest Bluetooth® platform and full ballistic functionality in compact, rugged design makes the Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM the most powerful rangefinder in its class.

The essentials:

  • Maximum use of ease
  • Improved performance up to 3,500 yards on all targets
  • Connects to the Kestrel Elite and the Apple Watch
  • Easily managed with the Leica hunting app
  • Most powerful, reliable rangefinding thanks to class 3R laser
  • Weather-proof robust sleek design


New Bluetooth functionality

Rangefinding up to 3,500 yards

Rangefinder, carrying strap, Cordura bag, Battery

Limited Warranty:
All Leica Sport Optic products bought from an authorized North American dealer since Jan 1, 2021 now feature a fully transferable 10-year Passport Protection Plan plus a 30-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Both aspects of Leica’s commitment to you compromise the following:

  • Fully Transferable
  • No Warranty Card Required
  • No Receipt Required
  • No Charge

Please visit our dedicated Warranty Program page for specific rules and conditions.

Leica Warranty Program

10 Year Passport Protection Plan
The Leica Passport Protection Plan is completely free and includes a fully transferrable no-questions, no-fault, 10-year accidental damage coverage plan in addition to a 30-year Manufacturer's Warranty. During the first 10-years, Leica will repair or replace any optical binoculars, rangefinder, or spotting scope in the event it is damaged, at no cost to the customer. This is only valid if the unit is purchased within North America, and is sent in to the US repair facility for service.

30 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty:
Moreover, all optical Sport Optics products include a comprehensive 30-year Manufacturer's Warranty, also at no charge. If following the 10-year no-fault coverage plan and a product is determined to have a defect with the optical system, Leica will simply repair or replace it. This excludes impact and water damage. Program valid from the date of purchase from an authorized North American Leica dealer.
Non-optical items such as accessories are warrantied for two years from date of purchase.


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Leica Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM

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    Leica CRF’s are simply the best

    Posted by Kenneth S. on Nov 24th 2021

    Leica 3500.com CRF is currently the best CRF hands down! Been using Leica CRFs exclusively for quite a while now. Precise, rugged and dependable. My experiences with other brands just didn’t measure up. Biggest differences are optics, ability to differentiate targets, low light performance, and most importantly the quality of laser and software - it cuts through mist and fog that others won’t. Was on a mountain just a few years ago when there were 2 other brands in camp, but my Leica was the only one that consistently worked despite rain and mist. The owners of the other brands were shocked. I also like the ability to pre-load ballistic data into the devise and use the App but haven’t taken a deep dive into the use of the devise with a Kestrel so I cannot comment there. But as a CRF I’ve found none better. The downside is all that technology, rugged build, and optical quality comes at a pretty steep price. Very disappointed in Leica’s huge dropoff in available discounts here on ExpertVoice - I used to get 30%, now just 10% (and don’t know if even the 10% is just temporary). Several other Alpha and near-Alpha brands offer far better Mil/LE discounts across their complete line of optics. Fortunately for Leica none of them currently makes a CRF that effectively competes. (Review provided by ExpertVoice)

  • 5
    Just wow

    Posted by Brandon V. on Nov 24th 2021

    This range finder is a little bit bigger than the other Leicas. But boy does it pack a punch. This thing ranges way out there and does it very quickly. No more waiting for a range. The glass is clear and easy to see through. So far I have ranged to 3000yrds. It is nice to be able to range that far. It gives me the ability to build a game plan to get within a shooting range where the critters are. (Review provided by ExpertVoice)