Leica SL2 Owners Workshop (Part 1), Online

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An online workshop for current owners of the Leica SL Systems. Owners shoot with their own cameras and learn practical skills to enhance their SL experience with a professional Leica Akademie instructor.
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Join Leica Product Specialists Ray Olson and John Kreidler as they guide you through the process of understanding and using your SL2 and SL2-S.  Designed for novice & beginner owners, this introductory paced course will give owners the confidence to explore the camera deeper, as well as get used to the functionality and overall navigation of using the camera.

The Leica SL2 and SL2-S are incredibly customizable cameras. The workshop will cover many topics, such as the various focusing modes available with L-Mount lenses, as well as with Leica M and R lenses, best practices for fast auto and manual focusing, and setting control for specific shooting scenarios, all giving you the experience to fully realize your planned shoots and capture unexpected life moments.

There will be a 30-minute break toward the middle of class


  • Anatomy of the SL2
  • Shooting Modes
  • Metering
  • Drive Mode
  • Focus Mode
  • Auto ISO Settings
  • White Balance and Custom WB
  • Camera Settings
  • Lenses – Native, Adapted and L-Mount
  • Making a User Profile
  • FOTOS App


Current SL2 ad SL2-S Owners novice to beginner levels and anyone interested in learning the SL2 System will benefit from this program.  Intermediate and advanced photographer will benefit if they need a refresher course or are switching from another camera system and getting used to the design of the SL2 and SL2-S body.


Attendance is strictly limited to 12 participants, so be sure to sign up at your earliest opportunity.


The SL2 camera system is a professional tool.  Basic knowledge in photography basics will be expected.   Though this workshop is to cover SL2 Owners of all skill levels, we strongly suggest a pre-requisite workshop in Photography Fundamentals for novice photographers. 

Registrants should have a basic understanding of camera technology navigation in general & understand the exposure triangle (ISO, Aperture, Shutter) with the demonstrated ability to navigate through the basic functions of their camera mechanics.


If your workshop date is sold out or not available on a day & time you can learn, we do offer customized bespoke sessions here.

You can also be added to the wait-list of any program by sending an message to akademie@leicacamerausa.com


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Ray Olson is the West Coast Product Specialist for Leica Camera.  Ray has an extensive background in photographing music performances and as a studio and studio on-location portrait photographer.  His camera work in the past, utilized 35mm, medium, and large format systems. These images have graced the covers of music magazines, album art, tour books, and musical instrument advertising campaigns.  In addition, he has taught seminars and classes on Studio Lighting, Lighting on Location, Color Management, and Camera Technique for both film and digital capture platforms.  Ray also has a strong history in both the retail and wholesale sides of the Photographic Industry.

Leica Instructor Ray Olson


John Kreidler is our East Coast Product Specialist and co-host of Leica’s streaming Tech Talk program on YouTube. John brings more than 25 years’ experience providing imaging and production insight to professional photographers and enthusiasts alike.

Equal parts, photographer, educator, and trainer, John can frequently be found, giving those interested in Leica products an opportunity to experience them in a real-life situation, during Pro Discovery Days, Leica Store events and Akademie workshops, throughout the country.

An accomplished photographer, his on-going obsession with capturing light and shadow started from an early age. He strives to move beyond the beautiful snapshot and create an image that evokes emotion in the viewer’s mind. Most recently, John’s work was selected to appear in the new book, “Inspiration Leica Akademie.”

Leica Instructor John Kreidler

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